What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process of self and peer evaluation for institutions/organizations and assesses the delivery of services and programs against standards of acceptability. In the context of dietetic education, accreditation has two primary purposes, to:

  • Assess program compliance with the approved minimum national education requirements (link to the Accreditation Standards document), and

  • Encourage programs to strive for quality improvement.

The ultimate intended outcome of the accreditation process is confidence on the part of the stakeholders that accredited programs demonstrate the minimum level of quality and effectiveness needed to protect the public interest, and address needs of students/interns and the profession.

Who issues Accreditation Certificates?

The Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) is a national partnership organization involving the national professional association (Dietitians of Canada), the Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies (consisting of the ten provincial dietetic regulatory bodies) and dietetic education programs (academic and internship/practicum).

PDEP oversees the Dietetics Education Accreditation Program, as of September 1, 2015. This program is responsible for the effective and efficient management of the accreditation process and for accreditation award decision-making.


Accredited Programs in Canada

Undergraduate degrees: Fully Integrated (includes academic and practicum training)

British Columbia
University of British Columbia
Dept. of Food, Nutrition and Health

University of Alberta
Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

University of Saskatchewan
College of Pharmacy and Nutrition

McGill University - Montréal
School of Dietetic and Human Nutrition

Université de Montréal
Département de nutrition

Université Laval - Quebec
Ecole de nutrition

New Brunswick
Université de Moncton
École des sciences des aliments, de nutrition et d'études familiales

Université d'Ottawa / University of Ottawa
Baccalauréat Spécialisé en Sciences de la nutrition


Undergraduate degrees: Partially Integrated (includes academic and some practicum training)

Prince Edward Island
University of Prince Edward Island - Charlottetown
Dept. of Family and Nutritional Science

Nova Scotia
St. Francis Xavier University - Antigonish
Department of Human Nutrition

Mount Saint Vincent University - Halifax
Applied Human Nutrition Dept

Acadia University - Wolfville
School of Nutrition and Dietetics

Undergraduate degrees: Not Integrated (academic education only)

University of Manitoba
Department of Human Nutritional Sciences

Brescia University College affiliated with the University of Western Ontario
Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences 

University of Guelph
Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition

Ryerson University
School of Nutrition

Post Degree Internship  (Practicum training only)

Combined Masters Practicum Programs (Masters education and practicum training)