Sector Partners

The Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies

  • Regulatory bodies are legislated provincially for the primary purpose of ensuring the Canadian public receives safe, competent and ethical dietetic services as the profession of dietetics evolves.  They proactively develop a supporting framework of standards and other regulatory mechanisms at the provincial level.  

  • ​Regulatory bodies must approve entry to practice standards and ensure they reflect current dietetic practice. Competency standards give regulators a framework to develop competency assessment tools such as the Canadian Dietetic Registration Exam (CDRE).

  • ​Regulatory body interest in the development of accreditation standards and the accreditation process is rooted in their legal responsibility to either approve education programs or approve the agency responsible for accreditation

Dietitians of Canada

  • Identify areas of collaboration that are important to move the education and practice forward to meet future health needs of society.

  • Ensure dietetics education and practice keep pace with evolving standards for health services and health needs of society.

  • Support a quality assurance system that promotes and supports programs that attract and retain students and interns, and that lead to attainment of dietetics competencies as needed and expected by those who employ and rely of service of dietitians.

​Representatives of Canadian Academic Institutions and Practical Training Organizations in Dietetic Education

  • Proactively shape programs to meet current and emerging practice needs, so that dietitians can contribute to addressing the food, nutrition and health needs of society.

  • ]Utilize the integrated competencies as a framework for program design and learner assessment.  

  • Utilize accreditation standards and guidelines as key tools for program planning and curricular development.  Accreditation status provides an opportunity for programs to be recognized, both internally and externally, for excellence in professional practice education.