What We Do

PDEP Overview

The Alliance of Canadian Dietetic Regulatory Bodies, Dietitians of Canada, and dietetic educators from academic and practicum programs across Canada have come together as the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice to advance excellence in dietetic education and practice. PDEP works in those areas where the goals and achievements of the professional association, regulatory bodies, and educators depend on each other’s work.

The Partnership undertakes projects in areas of common interest to benefit the safety and quality of dietetic services and the advancement of the dietetic profession in Canada.

To Date, PDEP Has:

  • Completed an analysis of job tasks undertaken by dietitians in all areas of practice;
  • Developed national validated Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice;
  • Established new national dietetics education Accreditation Standards; and
  • Agreed to a revitalized partnership paradigm for enhanced communication and governance.