What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process of self and peer evaluation for institutions/organizations and assesses the delivery of services and programs against standards of acceptability. In the context of dietetic education, accreditation has two primary purposes, to:

  • Assess program compliance with national standards, and
  • Encourage programs to strive for quality improvement.

The ultimate intended outcome of the accreditation process is confidence on the part of the stakeholders that accredited programs demonstrate the quality and effectiveness needed to protect the public interest, and address needs of students and the profession.

Who Issues Accreditation Certificates?

PDEP oversees the Dietetics Education Accreditation Program in Canada.

Contact Information

For information regarding PDEP Dietetics Education Accreditation, please contact:
Program Manager, Dietetics Education Accreditation
Email: accreditation@pdep.ca
99 Yorkville Second Floor
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5R 1C1